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Regarding the update to 1.18.1 (IT'S COMING!)
Started by Warmpopsicle

Hello everyone!

Wanted to touch base with you about the update for the server to 1.18.1 since it has been a bit since I have said anything about it.

Pretty much the news is we are updating next week! We only had to drop two plugins from our roster of plugins and one plugin had to be swapped to make this happen; pretty much everything has been tested and is smooth. I am starting to render the world in now since it is going to take a day or two for that to complete. Just a few more things have been done to the current spawn to make the RTP area make sense for the update other than some minor things, it is going to happen very SOON!

So that leads me to the next thing. The update will not occur until after my surgery, which is scheduled for December 21st. I will most likely need a day or two of recovery to be able to get back to my PC and start getting everything updated and moved over, but I will keep you all in the loop.


Info about the update:

  • The current overworld will NOT be deleted, it will remain, and a new world will be made that will have the 1.18 feature set.
  • Nothing is being wiped



  • Server will update next week at some point to 1.18.1.
  • Will not happen until after Warmpopsicle's surgery
  • Two plugins were dropped: Battle Pass and NoChunkLag (Elytra management plugin)
  • One plugin was swapped: Shop Chest for Quick Shop
  • Overworld won't be deleted will stand along side a new world