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Update to Auto-Fishing Rules
Started by Warmpopsicle

Hello everyone!


Just a quick rule update regarding auto-fishing.


It is no secret that I allow auto-fishing; the server benefits from having bodies on it and you benefit from leveling up your fishing skills, jobs, playtime, and collecting money but it has come to my attention that auto-fishing is also harming the server if you have a complex hopper system setup to collect all your fishing drops.


Now this doesn't mean I am going to block auto-fishing or anything extreme as that but I am simply requesting that you take the time to make a high capacity chest, please see /recipes And look under the AdvancedChests category and also check the Upgradable Hopper category as well as the main issue is the amount of hoppers being used. In the coming days I am going to be looking for a way to limit hoppers as to many can cause an issue for the server.


I am not pointing any fingers at this, but please be responsible and considerate and make a "clean" and "efficient" auto-fishing setup so I don't have to go to the extremes of blocking auto-fishing.


Thanks for understanding everyone!