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Warmpopsicle Admin Member
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about 1 month ago

Hello everyone 


So there has been a lot going on within the Skyblock server and well frankly it has gotten very out of hand and now I must intervene and it may not be pleasant for everyone involved.


The economy is an absolute disaster and has no meaning at all at this point. The use of spawners has gotten extremely out of hand with some people having a few hundred down (you know who you are) and it is causing lag on the server which gives me a migraine trying to fix. A lot of this is an oversight issue on my part and I am going to try and fix it the best that I can without wiping islands, that is not off the table but I would rather not. I have laid the plan out below so please look it over. If anyone has any suggestions please post in the Discord and I will look over your suggestion(s).



  • Disable RoseStacker's entity function and enable WildStacker's entity stacking (Switching to WildStacker because it has more control over entities and will keep mobs from spawning with equipment)
  • Limit all islands to a max of 6 spawners (Spawners will still be stackable but if you have 6 down and attempt to stack on an already placed spawner it will not allow you to so try to only keep 5 down)
  • Spawner stacking limits will remain 10
  • Increase entity stacking limit from 100 to 300
  • Limit slayer minions per player to 3 (To many slayer spawners in one area killing mobs at once causes massive lag issues and crashes the server)
  • Spawner will NOT be added back to the shop. Instead there will be a spawner crate added to the server. The crate key will be obtained from the Legendary crate at a 1% win chance



  • Wiping the economy balance of all players and setting everyone to $500k so there is a footing to start with
  • Economy tweaks will happen to all items that can be sold, prices will most likely be dropped by upwards of 50 to 75% depending on the item type


Alright so that is the plan that is going to be put into effect. The change is set to take place on Monday, April 17th in the AM (EST). The server will be down for an hour or so depending on how long it takes me to get the files set and get some testing done.



  • Please be advised that any spawners you have on the ground will be forcibly wiped and no refunds will be given. If you wish to avoid this please pick up all of your spawners and store them.
  • Please pick up your slayer minions as well as I will be going to every island and breaking them if there is over 3 of them.

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