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Warmpopsicle Admin Member
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about 1 month ago



I have completed the maintenance on the Skyblock server and the new spawner revision is active.


For those that did not read the previous announcement I will outline the changes here and there will be further details of the changes made today under ⁠📝¦change-log .


Spawner Revision 2.0:

•You can have a MAX of 5 spawners down before upgrading your spawner limit

•You can upgrade your Island's spawner limit going up to a max of 20 spawners being down at one time. This can be done within the Island's upgrade menu

•You can stack spawners up to 10x

•You can create something called an OMNI spawner which can have different type of mob spawners stacked into one spawner

•You can boost your spawners via is GUI to boost the spawn rate for a set amount of time using in-game currency

•You can turn off spawners with a redstone signal, I.E using a lever


As with any major changes made to a server there are bound to be bugs. Please report anything that comes up to our ⁠🪲¦bug-reports  discord forum and I will fix the issues as quickly as I can.


🤞If the new spawner system works well, as I have more control over mob spawnage and limiting how many spawners players can have, I may be able to reverse some of the harsh nerfs to mob drop sell prices. I will post any changes made in the ⁠📝¦change-log , as usual.🤞




As I mentioned earlier this week in a previous announcement I will be giving out keys this week to everyone! I am going to schedule it for Friday at 5PM EST. Try to be on as I will be giving out a few dozen of Legendary, Cosmetic, and Spring keys to everyone ONLINE! If you can not be online I am sorry but I am not going to keep track of who was unable to get keys so try your best to be online!