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Warmpopsicle Admin Member
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about 1 month ago



Seems like there is a never ending pile of things for me to adjust to get the server to not die over night.


When I logged on this morning to fix some bugs that reported over night I found that the server was rubber banding frequently, about every 10 seconds I would get yanked back. After investigating I found that a few players had 10+ Lumberjack minions on each of their islands going full force to mow down the rain forest. Lumberjack minions commit their task every 10 seconds to it is easy to say that those are the minions causing the problem.


With that being said I have to act on this and protect the server's stability and make an attempt to make the game fair for everyone so I had to make a few changes. Some of you may not like this but this is once again to protect the server's stability and the longevity of the server.


The following changes have been made:

•Minion limits have been removed for all donor ranks, everyone will be able to have the same amount from here on out

•Minion limits by default are limited to 1 of each type of minion. Meaning you can have 1 slayer, 1 lumberjack, and so on

•You can upgrade you minon limit now via your Islands upgrade panel

•You are able to upgrade to a max of 3 of each minion type on your island


Please keep in mind that using ALT to get extra minions on your island is prohibited and we do periodically check everyone's islands.