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Warmpopsicle Admin Member
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4 months ago



There has been various updates done to the :IridiumIconSkyblock:Skyblock server with the feedback that was given from the "Let's Talk" that I posted the other day.


The current changes are as follows:

•All minions with the exception of the Feeder and Seller minions have had their prices dropped drastically

•Slayer minions have had their hit box range extended from what it previously was so that it makes sense now

•Most Island Upgrades have been adjusted to be more manageable at lower levels


With that being said I feel very obligated to tell you that some of you reported that the Fisher minion was at a very good price for upgrading... well I am sorry to break it to you but I looked like I had forgotten to set actual prices so you guys got a nice deal on them. They now have proper prices set. 🪦RIP


Alright so I think we are almost there to the perfect spot where we need to be so we will let these changes set in for a week or so and I will @ everyone again once I post the new "Let's Talk" and we will continue from there!


As always thank you guys so much for participating and giving me such good feedback to work with.