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Warmpopsicle Admin Member
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3 months ago

 Hey guys! Just wanted to clarify a few things about the upcoming update regarding the world(s). I am going to make it very simple and post below in bullet points to show what is happening to avoid fluffing the situation to much.

  • The current world will be available but ONLY available to those who have set homes otherwise there will be no further access to this world
  • The current world WILL be DELETED on 7/31 and we will be EXPANDING the world by a 2~3k radius as needed to add new content. (World wipes may happen if/when the world border is 25k+)
  • There will no longer be a RESOURCE WORLD
  • The End and The Nether will both be WIPED and will receive the same treatment as the normal world with expansion if there is some kind of content added to them. These worlds will also receive a BI-MONTHLY wipe to keep things fresh

I have all three worlds rendering right now for the update and I confirmed that the server is stable running 1.20.x while having the test server running. I am aiming to update the server to 1.20.x on this upcoming Wednesday (7/5/23).

Please be aware that the Skyblock server is still slatted to be sunsetted on 7/31/23, despite my on going advertisements to the best of my abilities the player base is still 0.

Thank you to the remaining players that have stuck around this long, you guys are loved and appreciated. I hope that we can some how blow up our player base in the near future.