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Warmpopsicle Admin Member
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about 1 month ago



Just wanted to post this here just as I have in the 📝¦change-log as I want it to be widely noticed by the community.


There has been changes made to the Mob Drop and Ore sell prices. Mob drop sell prices have been nerfed by 35% and ores by 30%. On top of that spawner buy prices have all been set to $550k no matter the type.


I know that these changes might upset some but please understand I am doing these adjustments for the longevity of the server and as a newly opened server with limited testing in mid to late game testing we need to make adjustments here and there and get everything fined tuned. All changes are not set in stone but will change as the server evolves and the economy is more established. 


Everyone's opinion matters and I will take everything into account but as they say "you can not please everyone" so please bear with me as we adjust. 


Thank you for understanding and playing here on our servers!