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Lotion was here.
8 months ago
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    My cat MaeMae was diagnosed with mammary cancer back in March of this year and we already paid to have all of her mammary chains removed, but unfortunately the cancer has come back. The next stage is for chemo therapy to attempt to prolong her survival rate and keep the cancer from taking out her other organs.We will be running the 50% off sale for as long as we can in an attempt to pay for the very expensive treatments and of course keep the server online. If you have any questions, please feel free to DM me on Discord.We appreciate any and all purchases and hope you enjoy your stay here at Glistering [email protected]
    about 1 month ago
    Hello everyone!I have not posted here on the website in awhile, I mainly conduct server announcements and other business on our Discord so if you are looking for up-to-date information on the server please be sure to join our Discord! So this is basically just an update of my plans for the server for the short term and what I will be working on later on. I am mainly working on revamping the overall experience of the server at this time and new features will be added but slowly, as I believe the revamp of certain things and creation of the economy crates should be my priority right now.You might be asking yourself "what about the boss stuff" Well, this basically means it is staying on the back burner for the time being. I have remade my plans yet again for the boss update I have been talking about for so long. There are good reasons behind the changes. I can assure of that but to keep it short and sweet my life has been insane over the past 3 months, so I have lacked time to even do anything for it, and I have added a few plugins recently that creates an exploit for the boss system the way I had it, so I have come up with a plan to fix that, more details on that will be announced at a later time.So yeah that is basically it, expect the updates to be mostly quality of life changes for the server which I am sure you all will appreciate!
    7 months ago
    Hello everyone!   Just a quick rule update regarding auto-fishing.   It is no secret that I allow auto-fishing; the server benefits from having bodies on it and you benefit from leveling up your fishing skills, jobs, playtime, and collecting money but it has come to my attention that auto-fishing is also harming the server if you have a complex hopper system setup to collect all your fishing drops.   Now this doesn't mean I am going to block auto-fishing or anything extreme as that but I am simply requesting that you take the time to make a high capacity chest, please see /recipes And look under the AdvancedChests category and also check the Upgradable Hopper category as well as the main issue is the amount of hoppers being used. In the coming days I am going to be looking for a way to limit hoppers as to many can cause an issue for the server.   I am not pointing any fingers at this, but please be responsible and considerate and make a "clean" and "efficient" auto-fishing setup so I don't have to go to the extremes of blocking auto-fishing.   Thanks for understanding everyone!
    9 months ago
    Hello everyone! I am very excited to announce that I have finally been able to release the Boss Update to you! Right now the bosses and rewards are rough around the edges as I continue to work on it and improve it so there will be plenty of changes and tweaks going forward.   For now there are 6 different bosses and each boss has their own difficulty, more bosses will be added at a later date. These are the bosses we currently have: Brood Mother - Difficulty: Ultimate King Slime - Difficulty: Ultimate+ Undead Assassin - Difficulty: Legendary Plague Bloater - Difficulty: Legendary+ Yijki, World Destroyer - Legendary++ Treasure Goblin - Mini-Boss Each Boss Egg can be crafted. The recipes are a little on the difficult side and are vote gated so you will need to vote for the server in order to get the key item to craft Boss Core. Please see /recipes for the exact recipes. If there is an issue and push back from players that are not willing to vote but I want to craft Boss Cores I may change the recipes but for now I think this is a good limiting factor and incentive to vote. The rewards for killing the bosses are as follows and based on highest damage done: Highest Damage Done: 25% Chance to obtain 1 Unobtainium Ingot 50% Chance to obtain 1 Unobtainium Nugget 100% Chance to obtain 1 Unobtainium Ore 100% Chance to obtain 5 Money Keys Second Highest Damage Done: 15% Chance to obtain 1 Unobtainium Ingot 25% Chance to obtain 1 Unobtainium Nugget 100% Chance to obtain 1 Unobtainium Ore 100% Chance to obtain 3 Money Keys Third Highest Damage Done: 75% Chance to obtain 1 Unobtainium Ore 100% Chance to obtain 1 Money Key These rewards will be adjusted as time goes on to include actual Boss items unique to each boss. The Unobtainium items will be used to craft very strong armor, tools, and weapons that will be introduced later to the server. These items will have enchants and effects you can not otherwise get in-game. There will be another announcement once these items are released! Thank you all for waiting for this release! I know it took WAY longer then expected but I am just super happy I was able to finally get it out and I do hope you all enjoy this new feature!    
    9 months ago
    Hello everyone!   We are going to have a New Year's raffle to ring in the new year!   Here are the prizes: 1st place: MVP+ and 10 Winter Keys 2nd place: VIP+ and 10 Fishing Keys 3rd place: 10 Winter Keys   If you already have a rank, you will be given a prize of equal or lesser value in the form of a coupon for use in our shop.   All that needs to be done is for you to click the "Interested" button in the event tab and you will be enrolled. Once we pick the names via a random generator, we will tag those who have won and we will provide you with coupons to our shop so you can claim your prize! (No purchase is necessary)   This event will start December 30th at 12pm EST and will end January 1st at 6pm EST.   Thank you all for sticking around with us and I personally hope you have an amazing New Year!
    9 months ago
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