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Hello everyone!

The other day in the Discord I announced the plans I had come up with for a world wipe and such... Well I decided to scrap that idea completely! 

I am not a big fan of wiping worlds and we are still a fairly new server and that might be incredibly discouraging for a lot of people. Instead I will make another overworld and adjust the spawn to have two RTP warps, one for the 1.17 overworld and one for the 1.18 overworld. This way people can go to and from the old world to the new world for whatever weird reason they might have lol and people who are already based up will be able to keep their stuff and move on their own time to the new world.

Over time we might wipe the 1.17 world but that...


Hello everyone!

We are having a Black Friday sale with up to 50% off select items in our store! The sale ends on November 30th, 2021 at 11:59PM EST.
So don't wait to get some keys, pick up a rank, or upgrade your existing rank the sale won't last long!


Hello everyone!

So earlier this week when I was working on making a few custom crafting recipes, when I ran into a snag with the plugin removing the recipes completely and there did not appear to be a fix since the feature I was utilizing was fairly new to the plugin. I finally bit the bullet and decided to move on from the plugin and go to another one that has an absolute plethora of features!

So today I finished migrating all the recipes we already had and altered some to utilize some of the new features the plugin has. I will be implementing the plugin to our live server tomorrow morning (11/8/2021) so the server will be offline for a few minutes during this time.

Next up after this I will be adding in some ...


Hello everyone,

Today we are announcing our very first give away!

This giveaway has the chance to win the MVP rank. Anyone that is in our Discord during the giveaway time has a chance to win! So please be sure to join today!

  • If you already have a rank that is below MVP you will get upgraded to MVP
  • If you already have a rank that is equal to or above MVP you will get 10 Autumn Keys instead. You also have the choice to give the rank to someone of your choosing
  • If you are staff you are not included in this giveaway

The winner of this giveaway will be announced on November 30th. Good luck ever...



Interested in staffing for us? Believe you have what it takes?

Please apply via our Discord by doing /apply! Everything is handled by a bot within Discord for ease of use.

If you have any question or difficulties apply please feel free to ask in the #Assistance section in Discord.

Thanks for playing!


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