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My cat MaeMae was diagnosed with mammary cancer back in March of this year and we already paid to have all of her mammary chains removed, but unfortunately the cancer has come back. The next stage is for chemo therapy to attempt to prolong her survival rate and keep the cancer from taking out her other organs.


Hello everyone!

I have not posted here on the website in awhile, I mainly conduct server announcements and other business on our Discord so if you are looking for up-to-date information on the server please be sure to join our Discord!

So this is basically just an update of my plans for the server for the short term and what I will be working on later on.

I am mainly working on revamping the overall experience of the server at this...


Hello everyone!


Just a quick rule update regarding auto-fishing.


It is no secret that I allow auto-fishing; the server benefits from having bodies on it and you benefit from leveling up your fishing skills, jobs, playtime, and collecting money but it has come to my attention that auto-fishing is also harming the server if you have a complex hopper system setup to collect all your fishing drops.


Now this doesn't mean I am going to block auto-fishing or anything extreme as that but I am simply requesting that you take the time to make a high capacity chest, please see /recipes And look under the AdvancedChests category and also check the Upgradable Hopper category as w...

Boss Update
Moistpopsicle9 months ago

Hello everyone!

I am very excited to announce that I have finally been able to release the Boss Update to you!

Right now the bosses and rewards are rough around the edges as I continue to work on it and improve it so there will be plenty of changes and tweaks going forward.


For now there are 6 different bosses and each boss has their own difficulty, more bosses will be added at a later date. These are the bosses we currently have:

  1. Brood Mother - Difficulty: Ultimate
  2. King Slime - Difficulty: Ultimate+
  3. Undead Assassin - Difficulty: Legendary
  4. Plague Bloater - Difficulty: Legendary+
  5. Yijki, World Destroyer - Legendary++
  6. ...

Hello everyone!


We are going to have a New Year's raffle to ring in the new year!


Here are the prizes:

  • 1st place: MVP+ and 10 Winter Keys
  • 2nd place: VIP+ and 10 Fishing Keys
  • 3rd place: 10 Winter Keys


If you already have a rank, you will be given a prize of equal or lesser value in the form of a coupon for use in our shop.


All that needs to be done is for you to click the "Interested" button in the event tab and you will be enrolled. Once we pick the names via a random generator, we will tag those who have won and we will provide you with coupons to our shop so you can...

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