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There has been various updates done to the :IridiumIconSkyblock:Skyblock server with the feedback that was given from the "Let's Talk" that I posted the other day.


The current changes are as follows:

•All minions with the exception of the Feeder and Seller minions have had their prices dropped drastically

•Slayer minions have had their hit box range extended from what it previously was so that it makes sense now

•Most Island Upgrades have been adjusted to be more manageable at lower levels


With that being said I feel very obligated to tell you that some of you reported that the Fisher minion was at a very...

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Seems like there is a never ending pile of things for me to adjust to get the server to not die over night.


When I logged on this morning to fix some bugs that reported over night I found that the server was rubber banding frequently, about every 10 seconds I would get yanked back. After investigating I found that a few players had 10+ Lumberjack minions on each of their islands going full force to mow down the rain forest. Lumberjack minions commit their task every 10 seconds to it is easy to say that those are the minions causing the problem.


With that being said I have to act on this and protect the server's stability and make an attempt to make the game fa...

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I have completed the maintenance on the Skyblock server and the new spawner revision is active.


For those that did not read the previous announcement I will outline the changes here and there will be further details of the changes made today under ⁠📝¦change-log .


Spawner Revision 2.0:

•You can have a MAX of 5 spawners down before upgrading your spawner limit

•You can upgrade your Island's spawner limit going up to a max of 20 spawners being down at one time. This can be done within the Island's upgrade menu

•You can stack spawners up to 10x

•You can create something called an OMNI spawner which can hav...

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Hello everyone 


So there has been a lot going on within the Skyblock server and well frankly it has gotten very out of hand and now I must intervene and it may not be pleasant for everyone involved.


The economy is an absolute disaster and has no meaning at all at this point. The use of spawners has gotten extremely out of hand with some people having a few hundred down (you know who you are) and it is causing lag on the server which gives me a migraine trying to fix. A lot of this is an oversight issue on my part and I am going to try and fix it the best that I can without wiping islands, that is not off the table but I would rather not. I have laid the plan out below so please look i...

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Just wanted to post this here just as I have in the 📝¦change-log as I want it to be widely noticed by the community.


There has been changes made to the Mob Drop and Ore sell prices. Mob drop sell prices have been nerfed by 35% and ores by 30%. On top of that spawner buy prices have all been set to $550k no matter the type.


I know that these changes might upset some but please understand I am doing these adjustments for the longevity of the server and as a newly opened server with limited testing in mid to late game testing we need to make adjustments here and there and get everything fined tuned. All changes are not set in stone but will change as the s...

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